Advancing the American Dream

UCI has received a lot of acclaim for being the #1 university in the nation doing the most to advance upward mobility.

Our mission is simple and audacious: to be the world’s beacon of inclusive excellence — committed to creating a community where all expect equity, support diversity, practice inclusion and honor free speech. The possibilities are limitless when innate potential meets genuine opportunity.

With your partnership, we can ensure our graduates are even more competitive when they leave us than when they first arrived on campus.

How you can help:

    • Grow our scholarship and fellowship resources to allow diverse, talented students to choose UCI
    • Invest in innovative teaching techniques, technology and spaces, such as the Anteater Learning Pavilion, California’s first active learning center designed for 21st century education
    • Drive national education research and reform to improve learning outcomes for students from kindergarten through graduate school
    • Enhance value-added opportunities that create a robust student experience, including student leadership development, intercollegiate athletics, community engagement and research opportunities
    • Support programs that nurture students’ mental and physical wellness
    • Prepare students and graduates with hands-on opportunities and career development to leverage their UCI education and position them as coveted candidates in their chosen fields
    • Strengthen the Anteater family, building lifelong ties between alumni, students and UCI

Your support can advance the American dream.

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