Exploring the Human Experience

UCI is deepening the world’s ongoing dialogue between human progress and what it means to be human. 

At UCI, we explore every aspect of the human experience in all its diversity, from the different languages we speak, to the cultures that shape us, to the stories we tell about ourselves. We educate our students to be culturally aware agents of change in our interconnected and increasingly diverse world.

As the world changes at an ever-faster rate, our efforts to understand our shifting place in the world needs to keep pace. With your partnership, we can better apprehend the implications of societal advances, promote the full range of human expression and foster creativity in our intellectual endeavors.

How you can help:

    • Champion the UCI Institute and Museum of California Art — the first-of-its-kind, global magnet for the exhibition of and research into California art
    • Bring UCI’s research enterprise to bear on questions of quality of life, social justice, and societal challenges such as homelessness, public health, and environmental sustainability
    • Inform the evolution of technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning through human narratives, experiences and knowledge
    • Develop interdisciplinary hubs as spaces of leading-edge dialogue between the arts, humanities, social sciences and other disciplines across the campus, to enhance research, teaching and learning, and community engagement
    • Empower programs that increase access to justice and legal representation for underserved communities
    • Provide a conservatory environment for our most talented student artists to thrive while enabling public engagement with their creative work
    • Ensure that every UCI student, regardless of major, has meaningful exposure to the creative arts
    • Strengthen connections between UCI and regional arts and cultural institutions

Your support can explore the human experience.

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