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With the launch of UCI’s Brilliant Future campaign, we’re taking a cue from our beautiful state as we find inspiration in the natural brilliance of our uniquely Californian canvas – one that’s emboldened generations of mold breakers to make waves, to reach higher, to step up and make a difference. The following represents our renewed commitment to push the boundaries of research, teaching, and service in our pursuit to create positive change in our societies, economies, and for human well-being.

Join us in our boundaryless pursuit of a more brilliant future.

Tracy Arcuri
Executive Director of Development

Funding Priorities

The human brain has much in common with the white-capped waves of the mighty Pacific. Endlessly in motion and vast beyond comparison, the brain – like the surf forming our western border – is a true force of nature. And pictures, capturing only snapshots in time, don’t do either justice. To understand the brain, we need to understand changes in the brain and its relationship to behavior throughout the entire life course, from every stage of development to the environmental, social, and biological factors that help or hurt its progress. Doing so requires a bold, boundaryless approach. Help us make waves.

The roots of California’s giant sequoias have been known to cover more than an acre of land in an effort to support the iconic Golden State tree. Their resiliency to thrive, weathering thousands of years of natural and man-made elements, is truly miraculous. The same can be said for the human spirit. In the midst of global conflict and chaos created by power and political struggles, economic and racial inequality, resource scarcity, and religious strife – the sheer magnitude of which affect us all – humanity perseveres. Understanding these roots of conflict and identifying ways to alleviate them while elevating those who are most impacted requires a boundaryless approach. Help us extend our reach.


From boardwalks along our beaches to moving walkways connecting some of the state’s most well-known scenes, pathways line the California landscape. As the most diverse state in the nation, those who traverse these paths represent the wonderful human complexity of our planet of more than 7 billion people. That’s particularly true on the UCI campus where students from 15 to well past 50 years of age represent every race, religion, socioeconomic background, and political belief. Their university admission often belies the difficult path many forged to get here – one intertwined with pressing issues like access to healthcare, affordable housing, adequate income, even education. Regardless of hometown, country, or continent, these issues span the whole of humanity, from first breath to last, oftentimes running generations deep. They are truly boundaryless. We’re seeking your help to forge new pathways for our students, their families, and the billions of people in our world whose trajectories don’t have to be set in stone. Help us build tracks.

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Feature stories: child health, homelessness, intellectual ability, labor economics, health and culture, politics

Student and other programs that support research and put findings into practice for students, faculty and the public: UCDC & SAEP; Center for Population, Inequality, & Policy; California Census Data Research Center


From climate legislation to technological innovation, California leads the charge in making the world a better place for all. That sentiment is echoed in our Dean’s Challenge to see things in a new way, to change perspective, to build a bold strategy for the future of the school – and our complex, interconnected, rapidly changing world. To meet the challenge, we’re seeking an endowment that will name the deanship in perpetuity and provide funding and flexibility for strategic investments and new initiatives in programs, faculty, and students. Help us change lives.

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