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Everything in our world begins with life. And life is interconnected. For most of us, a healthy mind requires a healthy body, which in turn requires a healthy world. With our brains and physical beings menaced by devastating diseases and global temperatures rising, innovative biology has never been more urgent.

Solving these challenges and threats necessitates going beyond the norm. At the UCI School of Biological Sciences, we strive to shatter entrenched scientific boundaries and launch daring new lines of inquiry to find answers never before envisioned.

Robyn Martinelli
Senior Director of Development

Funding Priorities


From the beginning, UCI BioSci has proven the success of taking a multidisciplinary approach in addressing immense challenges. As the urgency mounts, the School must recruit clusters of leading faculty who bring new ideas, diverse perspectives and passion to their work. Invest in our commitment to team science by helping add more endowed chairs to UCI BioSci over the next several years.


Intellectual curiosity and dedication define our graduate program. As our graduate students learn how to perform research and teach, they are receiving the top level of life sciences education. This knowledge is essential for making discoveries that will save the future. In attaining their degrees, our graduate students are becoming the nation’s next generation of innovators and educators. Please support UCI BioSci graduate education and our goal of establishing more fellowships in coming years.


Private support allows researchers to take risks and has sparked many of the greatest world-changing breakthroughs. You can help push the boundaries of exploration by contributing to the Dean’s Excellence Fund, which makes it possible for our faculty to unleash their creativity and pursue daring concepts that safeguard the future of our planet and its people.